Advenis Real Estate Investment Management (REIM)


Advenis REIM, a company established in 2017 and approved by the French Financial Markets Authority (AMF – Autorité des Marchés Financiers), engineers and manages Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) such as Real Estate Investment Companies (SCPI) or other AIFs, focused on two areas:

  • European commercial real estate investments: only for private or institutional customers seeking to indirectly acquire real estate assets with a possible return.
  • Investments in old residential real estate: only for private customers seeking to indirectly acquire real estate assets and benefit from conditional existing tax measures.


Thereby, we provide our investors with various investment solutions.


Our management company handles more than 800 million euros on behalf of more than 12,000 associates for real estate assets representing more than 280,000 m² of leased and managed rental space.

Our goal is to provide real estate investment solutions meeting the requirements of our investors and property professionals.

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Our clients and partners’ expectations

Private investors approach Advenis REIM to make an indirect investment in real estate, as part of the diversification of their assets. As for professional investors, they entrust us with part of their equity management.


In both cases, the specificity of the solutions provided and the European expertise in commercial and old residential real estate by Advenis REIM’s teams are the key elements  of focus for our future investors.


Advenis REIM provides investment solutions directly via property management consulting, Advenis Gestion Privée (Property Management), distributors (banks and insurance companies), and property management professionals.


*as of 12/31/2020

791 M



rental space under management




Eurovalys SCPI

An SCPI with variable capital established in 2015, which mainly invests in office properties in the largest German cities

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Elialys SCPI

An SCPI with variable capital established in May 2019, which mainly invests in office properties in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and France

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Renovalys SCPI n°7

The newest fixed-capital tax shortfall SCPI established on September 23rd, 2019, which invests in downtown areas of France’s largest regional cities and old buildings with authentic architectural qualities

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28 / 01 / 2021

La SCPI Renovalys n°7, gérée par Advenis REIM, primée dans la catégorie des SCPI fiscales lors du Palmarès 2021 des Fournisseurs

Advenis REIM

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Advenis REIM’s headquarters are located at 52 rue de Bassano, 75008 Paris

Our management company chooses every investment through a strict and structured management process, depending on the global strategy followed by each SCPI and their management goals.


52 rue Bassano – 75008 Paris

European countries where Advenis REIM invests:

France / Germany / Spain / Italy / Portugal


What is an SCPI?

SCPIs are unlisted companies that exclusively invest savings gathered from their many investors to acquire and manage real estate assets intended for rental.


Investing in a real estate investment company (SCPI), also known as “bricks & mortar” allows investors to be co-owners of real estate assets with a reduced budget and diversify their investments. They delegate, for a fee, this asset management. However, this investment is not without risks.


SCPI are established and managed by a management company. This management company sells SCPI shares, either directly to the investors or through distributors (banks, independent advisors, etc.), and then deploys the funds raised by acquiring several properties. The SCPI also looks for tenants, handles the inventory of fixtures, expenses, renovations, the recovery of rent, and the payment of income to the unitholders in the form of dividends. The recommended minimum holding period is ten years.

(source AMF)

Characteristics of our SCPI

Corporate SCPI

“Corporate” SCPI hold a portfolio of buildings used for commercial purposes (officers, warehouses, stores, hotel, or senior residences, etc.).


Their main goal is to distribute regular income. It is generally hard for investors to directly purchase this type of asset.



“Residential” SCPIs (mostly called “tax” SCPI) hold assets for residential purposes.

These properties are part of tax schemes allowing investors to benefit from tax savings, provided they keep their shares for a minimum period starting from the signing of the lease.

Advantages of an SCPI

An investor can use an SCPI to invest in various properties (offices, housing, student residences, etc.) alongside other investors, with a lower budget than direct investments (from 1,000 euros per share). It allows diverse investments and the mutualization of their risks, as any shortfall in income from one property (due to work, vacancy, etc.) is mitigated by the other properties held.


This solution allows investors to receive an income from the rents they receive and the number of shares they hold. This income can go up or down. The management company also charges one-timefees at the time of subscription, and annual fees for real estate asset management, and when shares are sold. Therefore, it is an investment with risks: neither the return nor the capital invested is guaranteed.