Our vision

Advenis operates in mature, competitive markets with growing environmental, regulatory, and innovative challenges. The digitization of the economy, characterized by transparent and immediately accessible information, is constantly increasing the requirements of our clients in terms of experience fluidity, product knowledge, sought-after custom service, social impact, or price tolerance.

Advenis possesses many assets to stand out positively and overcome these challenges:


  • Proximity, listening, and custom-made: a size large enough to ensure coverage of the entire area and to offer a level of service equal to the ‘giants’ of the sector while cultivating an entrepreneurial state of mind favoring a sensitivity and a capacity to adapt to our clientele’s specific needs.


  • International and real estate skills: (i) overcoming the real estate value chain, allowing flowing coordination between activities in Europe, and (ii) internalization of margins, leading to favorable production costs for our clients.


  • Product innovation: conceiving differentiated real estate investment products that are “in touch” with the market, thanks to our property management consultants who monitor daily the changing needs of the French people in terms of investment.


  • Human capital : an organization that values its talents and skills and embraces its employees, whose commitment and passion in finding meaning in their actions are crucial to developing solutions and services which make Advenis one of a kind.


Everyone at Advenis is aware of what the other does and the importance of the role they play. Everyone is committed to contributing while being involved in the overall harmony of the group.


Every day, our employees’ work is rooted in their commitment and conviction to make the best choices for our clients. Our collective strength and trust lead us to bold solutions to step up to daily challenges.


An asset develops through pragmatism. It grows through daily confrontation, considering the many constraints of reality and playing with the unexpected. Keep your eyes on the stars but your feet on the ground.

“Advenis has modernized itself extensively these last few years and repositioned itself coherently to benefit from its many synergies between subsidiaries. The group must now demonstrate its capacity to be a reference in its various activities and develop itself commercially. Our employees and managers focus all their energy on image, innovation, and customer satisfaction challenges.” Rodolphe Manasterski

- Advenis Managing Director